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Vanguard VGK Double-Sided High Speed Rotary Tablet Press


New VGK-3000 Series Double-Sided High Speed Rotary Tablet Presses:


Vanguard introduces our new double sided high speed rotary tablet presses with large color touch screen control system and separate electrical control panel.


It could be used to produce round, double-sided engraved or irregular tablets in a wide variety of shapes.  Custom 2~4 punch heads tooling design available in accordance with customer’s special requirements.


Main Features:

*  High-Speed, Mass Production, Bi-Layer, Single-Layer, Double-Sided Tablet Presses

*  Pre-Compression and Main Compression

*  Computerized PLC Control System

*  High-Speed, Precision Tablet Weight Control System

*  Automatic Single Tablet Rejection System

*  Extra Large Mitsubishi Color Touch Screen Panel

*  Separate Electric Control Panel

*  Mechanically and Electrically Controlled Compression without hydraulics or pneumatics with SIEMENS and MITSUBISHI Electrical Components

*  Triple Chamber Force Feeder featuring easy loading and unloading

*  cGMP Standard

* Includes Complete Set of Filling Cams



Vannguard Pharmaceutical Machinery Inc, VGK-3000 Series Rotary Tablet Press

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, VGk-3000 Rotary Tablet Press Control Boc


Technical Specifications

Model  VGK - 3037  VGK - 3045  VGK – 3055
 Number of Stations 37  TSM "D" Tooling 45  TSM "B" Tooling 55  TSM "BB" Tooling
 Max Output (tablets /hr) 341,880 415,800 528,000
 Max. Tablet Diameter (mm) Round 0.9842 in / 25 mm 0.6299 in / 16 mm 0.5118 in / 13 mm
Shaped 0.9842 in / 25 mm 0.7480 in / 19 mm 0.6299 in / 16 mm
 Max Depth of Fill (mm) 0.7087 in / 18 mm
 Max Tablet Thickness (mm) 0.3149 in / 8 mm
Max. Compression Force ( kN) 100
 Max Pre-Compression (kN) 20
 Rotary Speed of Turret Up to 77 rpm Up to 80 rpm
 Rated Power (kW) 15
 Power Supply AC/460V/60Hz/3Ph/5Wires or as required
Tablet Press Dimension (L x W x H) 43 x 43 x 81 in / 1,100×1,100×2,050 mm
Electrical Cabinet Dimension (L x W x H) 31 x 16 x 66 in / 800 x 400 x 1,700 mm
Net Weight 6,600 lbs / 3,000 kg
Unload Noise (dB (A)) ≤85
 Note:  The max. output refers granular tablet sizes, shapes and quality.


Adoption of quality stainless steel and coated turret in the pressing chamber.

Fully enclosed structure and anti-dust design.

A separate suction is attached to the main machine to collect all the residual powder remaining in the pressing chamber.

Tri-chamber force feeder featuring easy assembling, disassembling and cleaning effectively.

Tri-chamber force feeder.

Two paths ejection sideway is especially designed, one for qualified tablets, the other for unqualified ones.

Extra large 12.1 inch touch screen for all operational functions, with advanced interface.

Automatic rejection of unqualified tablets.

Draw type electric junction box is, if any failure, easily repaired..

It is easy to load and unload Punches and dies..

A set of highly advanced and reliable overload   protection unit






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