About Us

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Inc. is a leader in providing and servicing a complete line of processing, packaging and laboratory equipment worldwide.  Vanguard delivers high quality equipment at truly affordable prices to customers in more than 85 countries worldwide.  Some of our clients are Aventis, Schwarz Pharma, Cardinal Health of UK, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Banner Pharmacaps, ITW, NCH, Herbalife, BASF, IMEXPHARM, Wrigley, Tecnofarma, American Pharmaceutical Partners, American Antibiotics, Warner Chilott, Herbalife, Novartis, USDA, Douglas Pharmaceutical, Standard Process, Maxwell Biopharmaceuticals, Tecnofarma and hundreds of small and medium sized companies.

Vanguard are dedicated and driven to provide the best equipment to meet every aspect of different manufacturing and packaging applications.  We serve the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and chemical industries.  Vanguard is a registered Texas Corporation according to state and federal laws and sells equipment that adheres to the Food and Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations 21, Parts 210 and 211.  Vanguard is supplying equipment and services to customers across the United States of America as well as customers in over 85 countries around the globe. 

Our motto is to change how companies should purchase their equipment without going through the tradition of paying a premium for the products and services.


Our ability to deliver high quality equipment at low cost, thus, giving us the global competitiveness over the competition.  Vanguard provides the solutions to high priced equipment, which instantly increases the company cash flow without sacrificing the quality and services.


Our integrity, professionalism, innovation and expertise earned us the respect and credibility to work with any size of companies in North America, South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, West Indies and Australia.  These companies are including R & D laboratories, small and medium sized companies, universities, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies.  Our values propel our high professionalism and ethical standards, which in turn enable us to deliver exceptional products and services to more satisfying customers worldwide.


Turnkey Projects


VANGUARD is also provides turnkey engineering, consulting, tailored equipment, and solutions for powder and liquid processing applications. We deliver innovative processing systems for drying, granulation, agglomeration, coating, filtration, liquid processing, powder handling and packaging, tabletting, softgel and hard gelatin encapsulating, mixing, containment, lab instruments, packaging machines and other processing equipment.

Our Commitment


At VANGUARD, our commitment to our customers is providing high quality machinery and the commitment to the customer right from the start: from a project's inception to comprehensive after-sales service and spare parts supply. This winning strategy has not only provided us with strong customer loyalty, but also proved to be mutually beneficial over the generations, as our long-standing achievements have only resulted from our customers' continued success.

Quality & Service


Our commitment to quality and service is bringing the most extensive and reliable product ranges available to our customers globally. Our reputation precedes us in our commitment to provide high quality industrial machinery, as well as professional engineering and consultancy services. At VANGUARD, we don't just supply machinery; we provide quality, prompt and friendly services - from delivery, installation and commissioning to after-sales service of complete and integrated systems.

Present Time—The Future


In the new millennium, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has changed as we will pave the way to change how companies should purchase their equipment without going through the traditional process of paying a premium for the products and services from other U.S. and European companies.

Our commitment and ability to offer the most flexible solutions to meet the needs of customers’ demands, thus, sustaining reliable and long term relationship with customers at the present time and well into the future.


Turnkey Biotechnology Projects


VANGUARD is the world leading equipment supplier with state-of-the-art turnkey solutions to master all aspects in the field of biotechnologies  to bring your company’s vision into reality.  Our turnkey services include engineering and consulting in planning, engineering, designing, Recombinant DNA biologic products technology transfers, construction, HVAC, utilities, water purification and treatment, equipment, validation, automated process solutions, cleanroom technology, and modular and turnkey facilities.  VANGUARD also offers complete and professional commercial, technical and financial proposals to commercialization support and worldwide products distribution opportunities.

Our unique designs come from our staff that have actually worked in the production environment and have first hand experience in the inadequacies on normal everyday operation, enabling insight to optimize the processes for even the most difficult situations.  Couples the experience we have with our proven project execution model and the results are a state-of-the-art facilities that meet or exceed all production and regulatory demands.  The result is not only faster time-to-market for out clients’ products, but also an efficient system, build specifically for the customer’s requirements.  We will thoroughly analyze our customer’s plans and introduce new ideas to help build a more efficient system. 

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