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 Tablet (VSP)
 Blister PackagingTablet (VRP-35A/B  
 Tablet (VDP-25)
 Tablet (VRP-1100A) 
 Tablet (VG-4000)
 Tablet (VCP-20) 
 Blister PackagingTablet (VDP-23)
 Tablet (VGK-1000)
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New VGK-1000A Series Rotary Tablet Press:
   These are an advanced technological design Series of High Speed Rotary Tablet Presses with Computerized Touch Screen Features. These new technological improvements deliver high quality tablets, accurate weight of tablets, high speed mass production capacity, and lower waste and efficient operation. All parts are constructed with high quality stainless steel to meet the GMP Standard in the industry. The punches and dies are IPT and EU international standards. The main mechanical components of the machine are built-in safety features to protect the punches, dies and turret. It is has a automatic lubrication system.

   This kind of machine can be used not only in pharmaceutical industry but also in herbal, nutraceutical, chemical, food and other related industries. The machine is designed for pressing tablet from various kinds of granular materials. It can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets and angular tablets. The tablets may have the impressed letter on both sides. We can custom design any letters or logos on punches and dies on request.







 VGK -1038A

 VGK -1032A

 VGK - 1026A

 Number of Stations




 Tool Type

 IPT19  (EU19)

 IPT19  (EU19)

 IPT1"  (EU1")

 Max. Tablet Diameter

 13 mm

 18 mm

 25 mm

 Max. Depth of Fill

 18 mm

 18 mm

 18 mm

 Turret Speed

 100 rpm

 100 rpm

 75 rpm

 Max. Capacity

 228,000 tablets/hr

 192,000 tablets/hr

 117,000 tablets/hr

 Max. Operating Pressure

 80 KN

 80 KN

 80 KN

 Max. Pre-Pressure

 20 KN

 20 KN

 20 KN

 Upper Punch Entry

 2 - 8 mm

 2- 8 mm

 2 - 8 mm


 7.5 kw

 7.5 kw

 11 kw

 Floor Space

 970 x 1225 mm

 Height of Machine with
 Feed Hopper

 2010 mm

 Height of Machine without
 Feed Hopper

 1945 mm


 2300 kg

 Type A electric box height
 Weight of electric box

1820 mm
800 mm
400 mm
170 kg







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