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 Model VCP-20 Rotary Covered Tablet

Press adopts a fully enclosed structure, with the operation compartment isolated from the outside, ensuring the cleanness in the tablet compressing area without cross contamination. The compressing compartment is wholly made of stainless steel, which is in compliance with the GMP requirement on the production of pharmaceutical products.
   The machine adopts the adjustment of speed by means of frequency inversion, which is easy in operation and wide in the scope of adjustment of speed. Disintegrated structure is adopted for the turret, with the top of the table directly in contact with the pharmaceutical materials made of stainless steel and hardened by special technological process, resulting in the remarkable improvement the stability and resistance to wearing.
   The lubrication system of this machine can ensure the oil supply to every lubricating point, reducing the wearing of the worm-gear box and the tracks, and extending the working life of the machine.
   The electrical part adopts programmable control, with multi automatic control functions such as stopping of the machine on overload, insufficiency in the core material hopper, etc. It has a double detection mechanism by photo-electric switch and pressure sensor, to ensure the automatic rejecting of any tablet without a core in the center of tablet.
   This machine can be used as a normal tablet press or for the production of double layer tablets after a slight alteration. When used to produce the covered tablets, attention should be drawn to the control of the hardness and the precision of the dimension of the core tablet.    Model VCP 20 Rotary Covered Tablet Press is also applicable in other industries such as foodstuff and chemical, in addition to the pharmaceutical industry to meet the need for the compression of two types of granular materials that are not to be mixed or for the protection from oxidation, control of light avoidance or time release tablets.





















 Specification for model VCP-20


 20 units

 Max diameter of tablet

 12 mm

 Max. thickness of tablet

 9 mm

 Max. filling depth

 18 mm

 Max. compression

 80 kN

 Max. outer diameter of core tablet

 9 mm

 Max. thickness of core tablet

 5.5 mm

 Rotary speed of the turret for normal tablet

 12 to 36 r.p.m

 Rotary speed of the turret for covered tablet

 6 to 12 r.p.m

 Max. capacity for normal tablet

 14400 to 43000 pieces/h

 Max. capacity for covered tablet

 7000 to 14400 pieces/h


 4 kw


 1600 kg


 920 x 970 x 1900 mm


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