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Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery Automatic Blister Packing Machine

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This blister packing machine is designed for packing DOUBLE soft aluminum, which produce high standard and expensive appearance packaging. It's very smooth and quiet operation, durable construction, reliable, efficient, easy to maintain and clean. It's completely enclosed with transparency doors for a unique view of operations and cleanliness.

  • Automatic feed material * Automatic temperature control * Stepless adjustable speed * Pre-heating function * Automatic screen the faulty capsules or tablets * Accurate filling and sealing * Automatic count * Automatic perforation * Automatic cut * Automatic stamp lot number.
  • It also has an optional sensor system unit for arranging pre-printed information on each blister.
  • The machine fits for all kinds of specifications such as sugar coated tablets, pills, capsules, food and other similar products.
  • It comes with one set of change parts. The machine is constructed with high quality stainless steel to meet the cGMP Standard. (ISO 9001 Certified)

  • Roller rotational speed  4 - 15 rounds / minute
     Produce ability  < 100,000 an hour
     Packing specification  According the requirement
     Width of aluminum foil  0.05 - 0.2 < or = 160 (ml)
     Packing material aperture  70 - 75 mm
     Biggest diameter of packing material  300 mm
     Electric power  220V/380V  50/60Hz  5.2 Kw
     Compressed air  0.4MPa - 0.6MPa
     Appearance size  2100 x 810 x 1650 mm
     Weight  1200 kg

    Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Blister Packing Machine Sample
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