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VSP Series Mini Rotary Tablet Press

Vanguard introduces the new Model VSP Series Advanced Mini Rotary Tablet Press with PLC Touch Screen Control System.  It is designed to press both round and irregular shapes of tablets from various kinds of granular materials. It is an excellent press for laboratory or small-scale batch production, which is an upscale from using other counter top rotary presses in the marketplace. The turret carries 8/16/24 sets of punches and dies, so 8/16/24 tablets will be pressed for each revolution of the turret. During operation, the speed of the turret rotation, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. The mechanical buffer unit will prevent punches and apparatus from overload damage.


It is a rugged design with high quality stainless steel construction to meet the cGMP Standard; and fully enclosed for a cleaner operating environment. Custom engraving of letters or logos are available upon request. The maximum diameter of tablet is 22mm for round or other irregular shapes of tablets. 


Main Features:   

  • New User's Friendly HMI & Color Touch Screen Control Operations
  • Pre-Compression System
  • Main Compression System
  • Optional Force Feeder
  • Ejection Force Monitoring System
  • Automatically Stops when overload occurred for protecting the punches and dies
  • EU/TSM Standard Tooling:                    Model VSP-24: "BB" Tooling
    Model VSP-16: "B" or "D"
    Tooling        Model VSP-8: "D" Tooling 









 Number of Stations

TSM D Tooling
TSM B or D Tooling
TSM BB Tooling
 Max. Output  (tablets/hr) 14,400 28,800 51,840
 Max. Tablet Diameter  Round  0.8666 in / 22 mm  0.5118 in / 13 mm
 Shaped  0.9842 in / 25 mm  0.6299 in / 16 mm

 Max. Depth of Filling

 0.7087 in / 18 mm  0.7087 in / 18 mm  0.5905 in / 15 mm

 Max. Tablet Thickness

 0.2756 in / 7mm  0.2362 in / 6 mm
 Max. Compression Force ( kN)  60
 Max. Pre-comp. Force (kN)  10
 Rotary Speed of Turret  Up to 30 rpm
 Rated Power (Kw)  2.2
 Power Supply  AC/220V/60Hz/3Ph/5Wires or as required
 Overall Dimension  (L x W x H)  30 x 31 x 64 in / 750 x 800 x 1628 mm
 Net Weight  1,210 lbs / 550 kg
 Unload Noise (dB (A))  ≤70

 Note:  The max. output refers granular tablet sizes, shapes and quality.


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