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   VRP-1100 Series of Rotary Tablet Presses are the mid-range mass production capacity, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceutical, chemical and food industries to produce all types of round tablets and other irregular shapes tablets.
   The pressing chamber is utterly separated with the gear driven system. The parts contacting with tablets are made of stainless steel or the surface of those parts are polished and sterilized. The chamber is also sealed with organic glass for better working environment.
   The gear system, the trace and the major friction parts are fully lubricated by the continual and concentrated lubrication devices.
   It's ruggedly built, user friendly design, easy to monitor, adjust the operating pressure, thickness, feeding, speed adjustable hand wheels, indicating lights and other control buttons are conveniently located.

   The design of VRP-1100A series is rugged, durable and efficient. Most of parts are interchangeable in these series, so it's easy to operate, maintain and change spare parts. The punches and dies are IPT international standard.
   All contacted material parts and overall exterior of the machines are made of high quality stainless steel to meet the cGMP Standard. Custom engraving on tablets is available upon request.

  Additional features:

  • Pre-Compression and Main Compression

  • Separate Color PLC Touch Screen Control Unit

  • Safety Protection System

  • Upper Limit of Main Compression can be preset

  • Displays Average Compression Value

  • Upper Punch Protection Sensor System

  • Force Feeder Integration (15~35 rpm)

  • Most economical high quality press in its class




 VRP-1129A  VRP-1136A
 Max. Number of Stations  24
TSM D Tooling
TSM B Tooling
TSM BB Tooling
 Max. Output (tablets/hr)  77,700  93,900 116,600
 Max. Tablet Diameter  Round  0.8666 in / 22 mm  0.6299 in / 16 mm  0.5118 in / 13 mm
 Shaped  0.9842 in / 25 mm  0.7480 in / 19 mm  0.6299 in / 16 mm

 Max. Depth of Fill (mm)

0.7087 in / 18 mm

 Max. Tablet Thickness  0.3149 in / 8 mm
 Max. Compression Force ( kN)  80
 Max. Pre-Compression  Force (kN)  15
 Speed of Force Feeder 15~35 rpm
 Speed of Turret 20~65 rpm

 Rated Power (kw)


 Power Supply

 AC/220V/60Hz/3Ph/5Wires or as required
 Overall Dimension (L x W x H)  35 x 32 x 71 in / 890 x 820 x 1,800
 Net Weight  3,080 lbs / 1,400 kg
 Unload Noise (dB (A))  ≤82

 Note:  The max. output refers granular tablet sizes, shapes and quality.



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