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General Description
Lab V-Shell Blenders are commonly used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical, food and related industries to mix dried powder and granules in lab scale.  It consists of two V-Shells of different or same altitudes, and through mechanical transmission, the materials in these shells are made to move back and forth, crossed over and rotate 360 to achieving ultimate uniform mixing. 
Vanguard's V-Shell Blenders are rugged in designed and construction, 304 S.S. (optional 316L) mirror polished of inner and outer shell to meet the cGMP Standard. 

No blind angle in the V-Shells, no accumulation of materials, high speed I-bar, efficient and short mixing time. The housing are made of stainless steel.  For discharging, rotating valves and rapid swivel heads are adopted.  Interchangeable V-Shells, customize I-bar and also casters.  .


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