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   This machine is a horizontal single-paddle mixing machine and used in pharmaceutical and food industries to mix powder or paste material evenly and without material solution, or volatilization, or deterioration.
   The machine is designed on the base of the former CH150A.
   The construction is more perfect. The mixing trough, the mixing paddle and the configuration employ stainless steel, in close form and with good corrosion resistance to keep the quality of the mixed material and the cleanliness of the machines appearance. Therefore, it can conform to GMP requirements during production.
   The mixing paddle is movable. When cleaning and changing material, it can be taken out by removing three nuts and moving two paddle vanes to the left and right, and then the paddle vanes and the trough can be cleaned thoroughly.
   With electrical control, the machine can be operated easily. The mixing time can be set and the machine will be stopped when the time is up, thus raising the mixing quality of each batch.

Main Technical Specifications



 Mixing Paddle

 Tilting Angle

 Tilting Speed


 Dimension (L x W x H)

 Net Weight



 24 rpm

 105 degree

 25.8 degree/sec

 3.55 kw

 58 x 27 x 44

 1874 lbs




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