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VML-760 High Speed
VML-850 (vial)
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VML - 850 High Speed Vial Labeler with Servo System
With Intelligent PC Servo Labeling System, the machine responds fast with pinpoint high-speed labeling positioning, automatically scans and remembers labeling, exempting input and enactment, under long operation without downtime, increasing production capability and quality in a large scale.

Equipped with high-efficient imported Human Machine Interface (HMI), all the operation parameters and system information are fully displayed on the screen, operation conditions clear at a glance, facilitating Operator to eliminate abnormality without delay and increasing production efficiency. Simple operation performance can reduce staff training time and cost.  This set of equipment holds Function of Label Count and promptly display Labeling Rate. Besides efficiently reducing unnecessary label waste and saving cost, it facilitates Operator to control production progress and speed at all times to increasing production efficiency.

I/O Self-test Function will display all the photo electric signals in the system and control motor running individually, which reduces maintenance time and lower reparation cost in a large scale.  Controlled under function of inverter-driven variable speed. With the variation of convey speed, adjustment of Labeling Speed is automatically made without necessarily moving labeling Electric Sensor Eye.  Adopting the feeding type of star-like Turntable with smooth material feeding. The sensor eye has the function of automatic adjustment, which stops material feeding automatically when lacking of material.  Star-like Feeder Turntable adopts quick-release design and Wheel-attaching Structure adopts the removable design. Easy and Simple in maintenance.

Main body is made by T6 aluminum alloy and SUS304 stainless steel in accordance with cGMP norms.

 Power Source  AC220V (10%)/1ф50/60H750W)
 Labeling Speed

 Stable production capacity MAX 400M/min (10ml oral liquid bottle) including printing.

 Air Source


 Labeling Precision

 0.5mm (subject to product roundness and labeling error)

 Product Specifications

 Diameter: Φ10 mm -30mm; Height:15 mm -100mm.

 Applicable Labels: 

 Length:15250mm; Height: within 80mm; Paper Roll Inside Diameter:76mm;
 Outside Diameter: within 380mm

 Convey Speed Adjustment

 Variable Speed

 Machine Size:  L2100 X W650 X H1600mm

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