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Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, VML-760 Labeling Machine

VML - 760 High Speed Wrap-Around Labeler with Servo System

Vanguard introducing the latest technology and innovative designs to perform efficient and stable without creating tension or breakage of the label at high speed.  Our Intelligent PLC Servo Labeling System can response fast, scans and remembers label automatically, exempting input and enactment and enabling long and stable operation without downtime.  Equipped with authentically imported Touch-control Human Machine Interface (HMI), all the operation parameters and system information are displayed on the screen, operation conditions clear at a glance, facilitating Operator to eliminate it without delay and increasing production efficiency. Simple operation performance can reduce staff training time and cost.

System Inspection Function: Available Prompt Stop and Alarm with Constant Detection for circumstances such as Lacking in Label, Label Cutting, Label Missing, Emergency Stop, Abnormality in Inverter, Out-of-Color-Ribbon in Printer.

This set of equipment holds the function of Label Count and moreover promptly display Labeling Rate. Besides efficiently reducing the unnecessary label waste and saving cost, it also serves to facilitate Operator to control production progress and speed at all times, increasing production efficiency.

 I/O Self-test Function displays all the photo-electric signals in the system and control motor running individually, which reduces maintenance time and lower reparation cost to a large scale. Controlled under function of variable speed. With the variation of convey speed, adjustment of Labeling Speed is automatically made without necessarily moving Labeling Electric Eye.  Integrated with 24" or 39" Loading Turntable and suited with a beautiful working table for final carton packaging, which enhances and promptly forming a integrated production line for labeling and packing, increasing production efficiency greatly.  This printer is of unique design, both for horizontal and vertical printing. For printing horizontally, generally it is adopted to only rotate Printer Head, which causes ribbon waste; As a comparison, this machine only requires to rotate Main Engine (including Printer Head & color Ribbon) 90 degrees, simple to operate and saving color ribbon, enhancing convenience and strengthening competitiveness more effectively. Printer head adopts T-groove design, durable to serve and clear to print.

Main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy in strict accordance with cGMP standard.

 Power Source

AC220V 50/60HZ ,1ф

 Labeling Speed

Up to 100 meters/min or 350 bottles/min

 Air Source


 Labeling Precision 1 mm (subject to product feature, material hardness and Roundness)
 Product Specifications

Round bottles Φ35-110mm; H 35-280mm.

 Applicable Labels: 

Within Length: 20330mm.X width: 140mm; Paper Roll Inside Diameter: 76mm; Outside Diameter: within 380mm,

 Machine Size:


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