Labeling Machine
VML-760 High Speed
VML-850 (vial)
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Why Vanguard Labeling Systems?

The function of NETCON system:
  • Machine operation & problem shooting - easy to solve any problem without operation manual.
  • Labeling counter system - automatically counter production or labeling quantity; auto-accumulative after restart machine.
  • Length set - directly to set label length
  • Position set - easy and adjustable labeling position
  • Labeling pre-count set & printer set
  • Missing label auto-stop system
  • Automatically Breakdown eliminates - the solution will show on display when label sensor set in incorrect.
  • Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Netcon Labeling System

    Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Automatic Labelers
    Machine Feature
  • D.I.Y. design for easy operation & maintenance. Easy to change-over and no need for any additional parts or modifications in other specification with the same configuration
  • Individual component assembly, easy to after-sales service, no needs for professional technicians. Save time & cost.
  • Photo-red rays or fiber sensor for efficiency in sensing products and immediately send signals to the control box for smooth labeling.
  • Equipped with advanced encoder & stepper motor for high speed, accuracy, and stability for long term labeling.
  • Machine frame, main components and stand are made of Stainless steel aluminum alloy to meet GMP factory requirements.
  • Foot-stand designed by square-shaped, unoccupied space with moveable wheel. Great range from floor for conveyor adjustment. Could be used as an independent machine or incorporated with other production-line machine.
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