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LID Dissolution Tester

   LID Series Dissolution Testers are the latest development and production of our company, which is the requisite instrument in detecting dissolution of tablets, capsule etc. The design and technical specifications of these testers reached or surpassed the advanced level of this kind of instrument in the world.  All of our lab instruments are designed and manufactured in according to USP Specifications.

Features include:

  • Dissolution tester used a MPU to automatically control the temperature, rotational speed, and time. The parameters can also be preset at any time.
  • It can be operated conveniently by using keys. Its measurement results are displayed by LED. The preset and real time data can be displayed separately in time.
  • The circular water current can heat the system, and the bath liquid can achieve an even temperature.
  • The head part of the instrument can be turned over smoothly and flexible, by manual or automatic method.
  • It can test by self and alarm automatically.
  • Many points of time parameters can be timed. The beep sounds when ended and automatically runs the next batch.
  • All components are selected of high quality brands.
  • High quality designed and ruggedly built.







 Model LID-6 LID-8 LID-6D LID-8D
 Speed Range 20 ~ 200 RPM
 Accuracy of Speed + 2 RPM
 Temp. Range Ambient to +45 C
 Temp. Stability +0.5 C
 Auto. Time Range

1 ~ 999 min (Nine Time Points)

 Continuous Work

> 24 hours

 Dimension 960 x 320 x 480 960 x 440 x 480 960 x 400 x 480 960 x 520 x 480






110V,  60Hz, Single Phase, 1 kW or as required

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