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Model PBM-170 High Speed Blister Packing Machine

Model PBM-170 Blister Packing Machine is a high speed production blister packing machine designed to pack all types of capsules, tablets, softgels, injection solution, syringe and other small laboratory or hospital preparation products. It is suitable for packing aluminum/PVC blister packs with optional for for Alu/Alu foil blister packs.

Other new features are as follows: The spaces between the parts of shaping, heat sealing and cutting can be adjusted as required. It is excellent for packing tablets or capsules of various sizes with high precision and efficiency. It is drawn by a mechanical hand with an adjustable stroke and easy and reliable operation.



• The machine adopts module design. Each station can work individually.
SIEMENS Color Touch Screen Control Technology
SIEMENS PLC Control System
• Easy format parts changeover and maintenance.
• Complete set of detection system guarantees the medicines quality.
• The machine meets cGMP standards.
• Ruggedly design, durable, easy to operate and simple maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Model Name PBM-170 Alu/PVC Blister Packing Machine
Max Forming Depth 10mm
Max forming area 154104mm
Max material width 170mm
Production Speed 60 strokes/min for Alu-PVC Packs
40 strokes/min for Alu-Alu Packs (optional)
Max Material Line Speed 4.2m/min
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50/60Hz AC3-Phase
Consumption 4kw
Dimension (L x W x H) 2900×980×1450mm3
Weight ~1,5000 kg
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