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Semi-Auto Tube Sealer

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General Description
• The machine components includes ultrasonic sealing device, trimming station, tube length adjustment device, and manual conveyor
• Mainly use Airtec electromagnetic valves and air cylinders
• Ultrasonic Sealing method
• For Plastic Tube Sealing
• Standard Straight Cutting
• The tube sealing height can be adjusted
• Convenient hand-wheel adjustment for rated tube length
• Temperature control unit and main machine are in one.
• Heating Temperature is controlled via the touch screen. 

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Technical Specifications

 Model  VF-20P
 Applications  Plastic, Plastic Laminate, and Aluminum Laminate Tubes
 Capacity  Up to 20 tubes per minute (Based on Ø30mm tube)
 Tube Diameter 12 – 50mm
 Tube Length 50 - 220mm
 Air Compression 0.6-0.8 Mpa
 Machine Dimension  22" x 21" x 35”
 Net Weight  100 lbs
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