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VF-100PIII Tube Filler -Ø For Plastic & Plastic/Laminated Tubes

Vanguard Automatic Tube Fillers are designed and engineered to produce outstanding quality and precision tube filling and sealing of plastic and plastic/laminate tubes with the output up to 90 tubes per minute. It is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foodstuffs industries.

Our tube fillers can handle viscous, semi-viscous and liquid products from paste, ointment, lotion, topical, moisturizer, conditioner, cosmetics, toothpaste, shaving cream, and other chemical and foodstuff products.

Our tube fillers are being used in North America to produce and manufacture products for Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, VALJEAN, NCH, ITW, Island Kinetics, Deltex Pharmaceuticals, Sombra Cosmetics, Hawkeye, Creative Solutions, CoValence, Ion Labs…



• Tube types: Plastic soft tubes & Plastic/Laminated Tubes
SCHNEIDER Color Touch Screen Control Technology
SCHNEIDER Variable Speed Converter—control production speed
SCHNEIDER Electrical Components
• Automatic tube loading, tube washing, positioning, filling, sealing & hot stamping
• Tube loading and tube washing are done pneumatically
• Ruggedly design, durable, easy to operate and simple maintenance
• Tube positioning is control by BANNER Photoelectric Sensor
• All FESTO Pneumatic & OMRON Electrical/Sensor Components
• Robotic Arms--Made in Japan
• Optional Euro-Tap System For Automatic Hole Punching
• Optional 10.5-Inch SCHNEIDER Color Touch Screen Control Panel
• Equipped with Temperature Control and Separate Cooling System
• No Tube, No Fill — Alarm will go off!
• Available Servo Motor for Photo-Registering
• Bottom-up filling with shut-off nozzle to ensuring accurate & clean fill
• Available multiple products filled—single/double/triple color!
• Tool less adjustment and cleaning
• Safety Production and Overload Protection Features are included
• Stainless Steel Construction and all parts contacted with material are high quality 316L stainless steel to meet cGMP standard
• Double Jacketed Temperature Control Hopper and Agitator are available as options


Technical Specifications

Model Name VF-100PIII (Plastic Tube & Plastic Laminated Tube)
Appearance/Shape Rounded
Filling Range (changeable) 3-250ml
Tube Length 2” to 8” or ( 50 - 200mm)
Tube Diameter 0.5” to 2” or (13.5 - 50mm)
Max. Capacity (tubes/min.) 80
Number of Rotating Stations 12
Filling Head 1
Hopper Capacity (L) 50
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 4 Wires, 3 Phases, 30 Amps or as required
Filling Accuracy 99.5%
Air Consumption & Pressure 72 – 87 psi at 40CFM (0.5-0.6 Mpa at 1.1m³/min)
Dimensions ( l x w x h) 94” x 43” x 94”' (2400x1100x2400m³) *Height Includes Stirrer System
Net Weight 2970 lbs (1350kg)
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