ENX-65B Automatic Cartoner designed to pack blister cards, bottles and other similar products in pharmaceutical, nutritional and , cosmetic applications. Its operation process consists of the medicinal packing plate feeding, medicinal directions folding and feeding cardboard case forming and feeding. Then the medicinal packing plate and directions are inserted in the cardboard case and the case tongues at both ends are sealed. At last, paste to guard against false label on the cardboard case. This machine possesses the following functions:

ENX-65 Features:
  • Automatic machine stop if mechanical overload exists.
  • Stepless main machine speed adjusting by the frequency conversion regulator
  • Programmed automatic control by PLC, detecting and controlling the conditions of no medicinal packing plate feeding, no cardboard case feeding or no directions in cardboard case.
  • Equipped with automatic finish product counting and displaying devices.
  • Safety control of the mechanical setting-up and safeguard.
  • Error displaying and eliminating.

  •  Main Motor Power  0.75 kw
     Power Supply  220V 60Hz, 3 Phases
     Encasing Speed  35 - 60 boxes a min
     Cardboard case dimension (mm)  min 70 x 30 x 15; max 125 x 78 x 45
     Directions Size (mm)  90 - 250 x 125 - 160
     Compressed air wording pressure  0.6MP
     Air consumption  60 - 90
     Noise  80dB(A)
     Overall Dimensions (mm)  1700 x 1060 x 1600
     Weight  800 kg
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