VHD-120S Multi-
   Functional Cartoner





VHD-180S High Speed Cartoner

Model VHD-180S High Speed Cartoner functions from carton sucking, carton opening, leaflet sucking-folding-inserting, products conveying, products feeding, carton coding and carton sealing etc. The machine is sophisticated but the carry out of these functions made it easy to operate, well coordinated and superior performance along with other packaging machines.

  Cartoner Features:

• Grooved Sheave Gear Device
--- The grooved sheave gear provides power for the intermittent movement.  It drives the carton conveyor chain and blister conveyor chain running.
• Carton Conveyor Chain
--- The carton conveyor chain is used to transfer opened cartons to the blister feeding station and get ready to feed blisters into cartons. This device is made up of four special rolled chains.
• Leaflet Conveyor Chain
--- The leaflet conveyor chain is applied to send folded leaflets to the blister feeding station and get ready to feed blisters into cartons.
• Carton Chuck Shaft
--- The carton chuck shaft is responsible for sucking the cartons from the carton magazine, then open the carton, place it on the carton conveyor chain and get ready to feed blister into carton
• Gear Unit
--- This section is geared by a typical crank pin system. driven by several sets of gears.
• The Leaflet Folding Unit
--- Is an individual unit of the cartoning machine. This unit is mainly made up of two parts: base frame and leaflet folding device.  The leaflet folding unit can make the leaflet fold one to four folds according to customer’s demand under a set of folding roller and paper pan’s function .
• Folding Unit
---  It is mainly made up of right and left base plate, leaflet stacking magazine, main shaft driving system, sucking device, blowing device, leaflet rolling device, leaflet folder and conveying system etc.
Double-Inserter Unit
--- The inserter can push the blisters into the carton.
• Straight-Line Guide Track Unit
--- This unit is composed of three sliding shafts and seven straight-line bearings.
• Gearing Unit
--- The power of this unit is from the main shaft of the machine (see in fig15) and through the chain wheel the power is introduced from the main shaft.
• Blister Magazine Unit
--- This unit is used to stack blisters in orderly fashion and ready to be inserted into cartons.

Max Speed 150 cartons/min
Carton Size (LxWxH) 78×33×15 ~ 114×70×60mm3
Leaflet Size (LxWxH) 130×130 ~ 180×260mm3
Power Supply Supply 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
Consumption ~ 4kW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.9Mpa
Consumption <5m³/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4300×1600×1620mm
Weight Approx. 2000 kg
Noise < 85dB
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