SC-301A Counter

VSL-16 Counter  



      Semi Automatic Electronic Counter/Filler


  • Stainless steel construction, meets cGMP standards.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Dual Counting and Filling Nozzles
  • Tablets/capsules falls into a turntable through a storage slot and a vibrating plate, and then thru the counting nozzles. At the exit, optical and electronic test is conducted and calculation is carried out accurately.
  • It is a quantity-fixed counter of high performance, and is capable of accurate calculating of capsules, tablets, pills, capsules and other similar products of varied sizes, as well as filling bottles and plastic bags of different sizes.
  • Dust catching devices can be equipped.
  • No replacement of PC boards is required for calculation of transparent capsules.
  • Customer tailored design for non standard parameters is also provided.
  • The combination of modules makes replacement easy.

  •  Model  SC 301A
     Tablets  5mm = 160,000/hr.
     10mm = 90,000/hr.
     Capsule  #1: 50,000/hr.
     #4: 70,000/hr.
     Softgel Fish Oil Softgel
    (24mm long x 9mm high) 1100pcs/ min
     Dimension (L x W x H mm)  760" x 660" x 700"
     Weight  50Kg / 110 lbs
     Power Source

     AC 220V, 50/60Hz 1Phz

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