Pharma Oven
Hot Air (GMP-Ovens)




   GMP Pharma Ovens are designed with even flow hot air circulate throughout the trays utilized the vapor or the electricity (infrared heat) as heat sources or steam heating using boiler.
The axial flow blower exchange the heat to the heat exchanger by this means heating the air. The hot air layer through the trays proceed materials. The fresh air enters the oven from air inlet to proceed supplement, then exhausts out the hole for draining the moisture. It continuously supplies the fresh air and exhausts the wet hot air, thus to maintain the appropriate relative humidity in the oven. The main feature of these ovens is that hot air is recycled in the inside of oven, so that to enhance the heat conduction and to save the energy resources.
   It utilizes the function of enforce ventilation, to reduce the temperature difference between the top and bottom. The user can proceed temperature adjustments prior to operating so it can make the temperature difference between the top and bottom at the optimal state.
e hot air circulation ovens are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, herbal, chemical and other similar industries.

Other Specifications:
1. Heating source: provided vapor, electricity, infrared heat as well as electricity and vapor dual type.
2. Temperature heating range by vapor: 0-140 C
3. Auto control system and computer control system are optional.
4. Usual vapor pressure: 0.1-0.6 MPA.
5. The electric heating, calculate according to "I" model is 15kw. Practical consumption 5-8 kW/h.
6. All new improved series with high quality stainless steel construction to meet the current GMP Standard.
7. Custom built to higher temperature heating range available upon special request.
 Model Capacity Power
(Steam Heating Source)
 Total Drying Area  Trays

 Dimension (inch)

 GMP-0     55 lbs  0.75kw  5m2  16  59'' x 39'' x 80'' 0
 GMP-I   220 lbs  0.75kw  20m2  48  91'' x 47'' x 91'' 2
 GMP-II   441 lbs  1.5kw  40m2  96  91'' x 87'' x 91'' 4
 GMP-III   661 lbs  2.25kw  80m2  144  91'' x 87'' x 91'' 6
 GMP-IV   881 lbs  3kw  100m2  192  176'' x 87'' x 91'' 8

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