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VGB-E Advanced Film Coating System



   Model VGB-E Series Advanced Film Coaters are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, herbal, chemical, food and confectionary industries. Featuring high quality-advanced design and manufactured in conformance to the cGMP Standard. It is a high-efficiency, energy saving, minimal waste material and easy to clean. It is an ideal equipment for coating tablets, pills, capsules or candies with organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film and sugar film.  We have state-of-the-art technology to solve difficult to coat products.


   We offer both perforated and none-perforated coating pans for lab use to mass production scale.

Working Principle:
   The tablets surface to be film coated making continuous orbital motion within the closed rotating pan under the action of a streamline guide plate. During the motion, coating solution automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time, hot air is supplied from under the bottom of the layers, so that the coating solution sprayed on the surface of tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly--thus forming a solid and smooth surface film.


All the operations, including expansion of PLC modules, setting and control of hot air temperature and adjustment of drum speed, are controlled by SIEMENS HMI (Human Machine Interface) with SIEMENS Color Touch Screen Panel.  The operating panel is a fully enclosed light touch film interface which does not influence the cleaning of main machine, thus featuring reliable operating, stable performance and conforming to the requirement of cGMP. All high quality SIEMENS electrical components.


Under the action of the agitator of streamline guide plate type, the tablet cores are tumbling smoothly and exchanging frequently, thus eliminating the tablet cores to fall from a high places or colliding, solving the problems of broken tablets and chipped edge, and improving the rate of finished products. The narrow surface of the guide plate eliminates the adhesion of coating material on it surface, thus saving the coating material and improving the quality of coated tablets.


The peristaltic pump with constant-pressure variable eliminates the need for a return pipe. The turning radius of the drum varies along with the pressure change. The output slurry and the quantity of slurry sprayed are balanced automatically; therefore, stabilizing the effect of atomization, simplifying the spray system, preventing the spray gun from plugging-up, and saving the coating material. Moreover, the cleaning is simple and there are no blind corners.


The spray gun especially designed for the film coaters features even atomization and large coverage of spraying. Other universal adjustable spray heads make the cleaning mechanism of spray gun ineffective by charge quantity. With our new design spray gun heads, the film coating can proceed continuously, thus reducing the film coating time and saving film coating material. 


   Equipped with Standard Automatic CIP System


   Special patented spray gun head with automatic controlling the spraying and cleaning time to avoid clogging.


   Available Pan Cooling Surface System to handle coating special products & Automatic Load Cell System to monitoring the solution spraying amount.


  Expect Outstanding Equipment Installations, Support and Training from the Vanguard's Field Technical Services Team.


Main Technical Specifications






 Capacity (kg/batch)





 Coating Pan Diameter

  850  (33")

  950  (37")

  1200  (48")

  1580  (60")

 Coating Pan Depth (mm)





 Coating Pan Opening Diameter (mm)

 Ø 380



 Ø 580

 Coating Pan Rotation (rpm)

 4 - 23

 4 -19

 2 -15


 Motor of Main Machine (kW)





 Motor of Hot Air Cabinet (kW)





 Motor of Exhaust machine (kW)





 Motor of Peristaltic Pump (kW)





 Volume of the Solution Tank (L)/max (L)





 Fan Capacity (m3/hr)



 1300 ~ 2500


 Number of Spray Gun





 Dimension of Main Machine (mm)

 1260 x 920 x 1640

 1350 x 1010 x 1630

 1570 x 1260 x 1950

2000 x 1560 x 2330

 Dimension of Hot Air Machine (mm)

 1100 x 900 x 2140

 1100 x 900 x 2140

 1100 x 1050 x 2300

1610 x 1090 x 2370

 Dimension of Exhaust Machine

 720 x 780 x 1950

  720 x 780 x 1950

  800 x 920 x 2050

1050 x 1000 x 2100

 Main Machine Weight (kg)





 Hot Air Machine Weight (kg)





 Exhaust Machine Weight (kg)






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