Capping Machine
VSG-200 Capper
Capper (VSG-50)
Capper (VXG-8)

Portable Capper


The mechanical arm picks up the cap, then turns 90 degrees to transfer the cap to the capping position, which is just under the capping head. Cap is pushed up until it is held by the capping head. Then it performs capping onto the bottle. With the unique capping design, it provides 100% perfect performance.   

Unique capping head with pneumatic adjustable clamp. The clamp provides a 3mm allowance for error. While the holder is opened, its opening space is 3mm larger than cap size. The capping head easily handles cap error allowance. The cap is continually held tightly by the cap head clamp.

  • No bottle, No Cap!
  • Vibrating Cap Loading System
  • Adjustable cap holding pressure and amortize system ensures no damage to the cap surface
  • All stainless steel construction to meet cGMP standard
  • Simple and easy to change parts for different bottle and cap sizes!

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  • Output: 1800 - 3000 bottles per hour
  • Horsepower: 1.6 HP
  • Air Pressure: 60 psi
  • Air Consumption: 4 bar
  • Dimension: 7' 2" x 10' x 6'11"
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