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 Technique -- Agglomeration

The agglomeration process has been developed as a solidifying process for liquids. A (or more) powdery adsorbent (for example: sugar, starch) is used as a carrier and saturated by the liquid. The final granules integrate spray-dry components from the liquid and the carrier powder. Because a considerable volume of liquid must be evaporated, the drying efficiency of the processor should be high. Vanguard recommends two series fluid beds VFL and VPL for this process.

VFL and VPL have been successfully applied to make the granules of all types of natural herbs and herbal formulas.  It is even great for making granules with more than ten different herbs in a single formula. The herbal fluid extracts are viscous and difficult to be dried. Comparing with the traditional wet-granulation process, the high efficient and potent of VFL and VPL processes save energy, time and reduce the quantity of the excipient significantly.


Agglomeration is the first technologic innovation developed from the original fluid bed dryer. Vanguard offers two types top spray systems - VPL and VFL. The powder is charged in the container of the fluid bed and fluidized by the hot air. The binding liquid such as solution, suspension is sprayed on the fluidized powder to build liquid bridges among them. The liquid bridges are dried by the hot fluid air to stick the powder together. While the liquid sprayed continuously, the particles grow bigger to a desire grain size.


Product characters

  • Dust - free granules

  • Low rigidity

  • Low bulk density

  • Wild grain size distribution

  • Porous structure

  • Good dispensability

  • Excellent solubility


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