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The Carton Sealer is mainly used for household products, electric appliances, textiles, foods, general merchandise, medical, and chemical industries to seal and pack carton boxes by itself or can be incorporated into a complete packaging lines. Adhesive bands are used to seal cartons with the ability to perform both up and down sealing instantly, economical and easy to regulate. The product packed in can be made much more impressed with the printed band used.
 Model  VXJ-6050
 Max. sealing size  500(20'') x 600(24'')mm
 Min. sealing size  150(6'') x 120(5'')mm
 Sealing capacity  20pcs/min
 Heigh of working table  480(19'') x 680(27'') mm
 Adhesive band used  Bopp, PVC adhesive band
 Width of adhesive band  36, 48, 60mm
 Power supply  110V, 60Hz, 180W
 Grass weight  175kg (386lbs)
 Dimensions  37'' x 33'' x 56''

The model VXJ-6050A carton printing-sealing machine is mainly used in the carton packing flow line, the carton after sealing to print production date, batch number and necessary word notes on side face of cartons.


 Power Supply  AC110V/60Hz
 Power  500w
 Sealing diameters  10-60mm
 Sealing speed  0.5sec/bottle
 Weight  6 (lbs)
 Dimensions  20'' x 15'' x 9''


 VXJ-6050 A
 Printing row  1 3rows
 Printing height  100-260mm
 Print letter  size   6 x 12mm
 Dimensions  37''x 33'' x 56''





The Model VFL-90 Portable Induction Sealing Machine utilizes electromagnetic induction principles to produce instant high heat to melt aluminum foil that then adheres to the bottlenecks to aim of wet proof, leakage-proof, mildew proof and extending the shelf-life of the products. Today, it is widely used as a sealing package machine in industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lubricants, and cosmetics, etc.

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