Capsule Separator
Separator (CSV-A)

CSV-A Capsule Separators--A Unique Breakthrough Method of Retrieving Products from Hard Gelatin Capsules.

This machine is designed to automatically separating the body and cap of the filled capsules and retrieve powders, granules, pellets, or micro-tablets. It is designed and built to replace the conventional non-GMP method of milling, sieving and retrieving powder from filled capsules. Our machine can also separate and retrieve round pellets and micro-tablets. It is ergonomically designed; suitable for all capsule sizes with applicable changeable parts; easy to clean and maintain; low noise; user-friendly and meets the cGMP Standard in the industry. It is an excellent machine to own by any capsule manufacturing facility where powders are extremely expensive and also eliminate the wasteful powder materials. There are safety functions and alarm devices built-in this machine for maximum protection.The housing and capsule retrieving area are made of sanitary stainless steel to meet cGMP standard. It is mobile, compact, and easily move from room to room where powder retrieving is needed.

The entire working process is self-contained and isolated from operators to avoid product contamination.This is a must have piece of equipment for every hard gelatin capsule manufacturing facility where cGMP is strictly required.

Working Principle


The filled capsules are enter through the guide from a sorting system that pushed into separating and retrieving device by the horizontal fork. The blades on the device securely hold the cap and body of the moving capsules. The capsule continuously moving according to the opening rail formed by the blades; then, it completely separate the body and cap of capsulewithout compromising of cutting the gelatin capsule shell into pieces.

 Model CSV-300A CSV-600A
 Applicable Capsule Sizes 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#
 Max Output Capacity 18,000 36,000
 Power Supply 1P 110V 60Hz or 1P 220V 50/60Hz (0.18KW)
 Dimension 560 x 500 x (H:1130 ~1300)
 Weight 55 kg
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